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I had arranged for a mover to collect my sofa. Easy 200$ for that! OMG. but thanks to the Water guy, Sean from my favorite Home Improvement team, they save me from being stupid to pay a mover company. Let me tell you, i need to fix also my motorized shade, and finally me and my wife out of no choice has to call them. Because they were friendly when they asked me how everything was, i said not good. I mentioned that i am going to pay $200 for a moving company to bring my sofa to upholsterer company. Water immediately said that it is not necessary, because he knows a company that includes a FREE PICKUP! What a joy.. A $200 i don’t have to wake up for! I called the Movers to cancel, ofcourse at first they ask me BLAH blah blah you reserved and last minute you will cancel.. Blah. In the end they were fine.

Told my wife about it and she made a long, nice review to the team. We had a nice dinner and i arrange an appointment with Sean. Save by the bell.

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Upholstery for my Sofa

Its the same wherever you go, when you go to an upholsterer, you state your problem and say “but i only want this small part of the sofa to be replaced” ANYWAY, you don’t get a choice, because no matter what you do, you know it all has to go away..yes, the whole strip of your favorite sofa bed. Oh how i will miss them. We had a nice memories together. My wife and I promised not to regret the fact that we didn’t call the professional, but it would be a lie if i say i don’t regret it. In the beginning it could have been nicer, more safer and with Guarantee! Could have save me a lot of money, time, effort and my SOFA.. I have to call the house movers asap to move my Sofa to the City.. So far, my wife and i just do our Movie night in our bed. With our Laptop. Netflix or Amazon rules!

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Reason for our Sofa’s wetness

Needless to say that i again cursed and got angry on why on earth my Sofa was wet, i know that it rained but i closed the windows and my motorized shades manually and properly. I forgot that me and my wife are saving some money, that when we had a broken motorized shades, we didnt call the specialists. We did it by ourselves, with one of the DIY motorized shades in Youtube and private websites. It looked really good so we follow step by step the instructions. Fun day.

To my horror, it didn’t work. I will be honest, i didnt know what i was doing as obviously that was not my profession. Urgghh i should have called the only Pros i know who we called before. Anyway, it wasn’t too late. Now the damages are:

  1. Sofa, needed a new Upholstery
  2. Motorized shade is still broken

Nevertheless.. we will call them soon.

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Damaged Sofa by Sneaky Rain

I have a super soft and comfortable sofa Set, a- 3 Piece Reversible Sectional Sofa in sexy red colour. We had it for quite some time and the quality is super good.. We always fall asleep there while watching film, it shared so many happy memories as i  can remember. When my family came from California to visit, they told us that we should buy a new sofa because there was a SMALL tear, a hole on the head side which is hardly noticeable!! My wife didn’t agree ofcourse, as we are saving money to fix a NEW Garage on our house.

 We went for dinner that night at a nearby Pizzeria, and the food were so delicious. My parents enjoyed their meal too, and didn’t noticed that it rained outside while we were eating in the restaurant. We went home and luckily the rain stopped. We sat down and it was wet with rain..

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Almost Perfect Movie Night

We have a Living room which is not so fancy, medium in length which display decent set of Television, DVD, Home Theater System and Cable TV. My wife loves film and we have a great collection of DVD, ranging from Blue Ray, to normal Disc Player. One day, she gave a set of HD Blue Ray James bond Collection! All 24 DVD’s! Happiest day of the year… We decided to watch James Bond chronologically. Dr No was fantastic, i love it.. The next time as we wanted to watch From Russia with Love, my DVD stopped working… I couldn’t help to scream and got angry, not because it didn’t play, but because i checked the DVD only to find out that Philipps doesn’t produce that type anymore, and that i couldn’t repair it.. After two years of buying it for couple of hundreds of dollars! Imagine!

So annoyingly,  i called my friend who works for electronics supply and told me to play a DVD cleaner. I was hesitant for a while, but my wife said she used to do that before with the Video Tape… I promise to buy a real HOME THEATER SYSTEM in the next two years.

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Loose Door Knob Resolved

One day, as my wife and I had entered our house, we noticed that the Door Knob from our front Door is loose. We didn’t know what to do on that day, because it was in the middle of the night, and a Sunday. We are stuck into thinking what if there are bad people that would want to rob our house, and worst came to worst, kill us both. With this thought, i remember that on Commercial in Youtube that are 24 hours Door Knob repair in Colorado Springs. I immediately dialed them on the phone, but to my disappointment, they were closed! What the….

I almost would want to just push my sofa off to my Bed, when in google i entered a Quick Search of 24 hours Home Repairs. Websites are popping but as my wife said, we better do it tomorrow because its too late and she was tired. On a Monday morning, we called in Hi Tech Home Pros since in the Google Maps, they were closer to were we live and got the highest of the ratings. We were also thinking of a digital lock, they offered a good price and we took it. Now we enter the house without any key, and using our smartphones.


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Dreaming of a New Dog

My wife and I almost turned completely blue when one day our loving, and sweet 3 year old – Terrier Dog, Rosco, died of a car Accident. We didn’t know how to react when our new neighbors came ringing our Bell which is by the way NOT WORKING, when they informed me that Rosco, is dead and lying on the street. I held my wife as she cries. This is one of the saddest days of our lives. The Car that hit our Dog was very sorry, and he was very supportive towards our need. He called back to check on us and one day we agreed that he came for a visit.

He had a brochures with him and gave us a couple, for adopting a dog nearby Colorado Springs. My wife and I had not yet decided if we want to get a new replacement for Rosco. However, this site help me a lot to cope up with my depression about Rosco. If i miss Rosco, i just click on the site and i can almost see him again!

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Global Celebrity

There are many ways that celebrities have branched out to the world wide market, but one of the most common is as brand ambassadors London. Huge stars like Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nicholas Cage and Christina Aguilera have stared in foreign commercials that never aired in the United States but are available on YouTube. Some of these celebrity commercials are pretty hilarious to people in the United States and really show the difference in what appeals to Americans compared to other countries. The most recognizable commercial is the one that Arnold Schwarzenegger did for a Japanese energy drink called “Vfuyy”. After doing some research, I found that Arnold has done a lot of commercials for different companies based is Asia. They are pretty entertaining but would not translate well in the American market.


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New City

My husband got a new job, so we recently moved to a new city. I did not want to move, but because I am married, I have to go wherever my husband goes. Even though I was dreading the move, things actually got better for me after I moved to the new city. My children love the new school they are at and are doing well. I have recently started a new job as a London exhibition staff member. Additionally, my husband loves his new job.

Change can potentially be a good thing and moving to this new city has definitely taught me that. I think the reason that I dreaded moving was because I had gotten comfortable in the place that I was at. Now, I realize that in life, we have to step outside of our comfort zone.


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Driveway Appearance And Water Issues Solved

There are a few highlights in my life that I always think of fondly: my marriage, birth of my child, and the day I discovered permeable paving. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but our problems were finally solved when we discovered this new revolutionary fix for our water issues.

The driveway would always have drainage problems every time we had a substantial rain. Needless to say, the constant water pooling was not only a nuisance, but began to take a toll on the integrity of material. We talked to our contractor who suggested this new paving technique, had it installed, and have been happy homeowners ever since. Not only did it solve the drainage problem, but we chose a type of paver installation that allowed the planting of tiny ornamental groundcover to grow between the pavers. It’s resulting appearance is that of an English garden instead of a driveway!


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The Couple

A newlywed couple just purchased their first new home. However, the home needed lots of repairs inside and out. They had no idea what they were going to do to make the house look more presentable. It dampened their sprits to see all of the surrounding neighbors have wonderful and well maintained homes. The husband decided that he should maintain the yard and the wife can make the decisions of how she wanted the home to look. The woman was excited to know that she could make all the decisions on what the inside of the home looked like. The husband was happy because he knew that porous paving was a good way to restore some of the pavement in the yard. They decided to turn it into a competition to see who could get through redesigning first.


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