Almost Perfect Movie Night

We have a Living room which is not so fancy, medium in length which display decent set of Television, DVD, Home Theater System and Cable TV. My wife loves film and we have a great collection of DVD, ranging from Blue Ray, to normal Disc Player. One day, she gave a set of HD Blue Ray James bond Collection! All 24 DVD’s! Happiest day of the year… We decided to watch James Bond chronologically. Dr No was fantastic, i love it.. The next time as we wanted to watch From Russia with Love, my DVD stopped working… I couldn’t help to scream and got angry, not because it didn’t play, but because i checked the DVD only to find out that Philipps doesn’t produce that type anymore, and that i couldn’t repair it.. After two years of buying it for couple of hundreds of dollars! Imagine!

So annoyingly,  i called my friend who works for electronics supply and told me to play a DVD cleaner. I was hesitant for a while, but my wife said she used to do that before with the Video Tape… I promise to buy a real HOME THEATER SYSTEM in the next two years.

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  1. Gordon Mitchelle

    My wife wanted James Bond because of me, how about you? Logges in to comment

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