Damaged Sofa by Sneaky Rain

I have a super soft and comfortable sofa Set, a- 3 Piece Reversible Sectional Sofa in sexy red colour. We had it for quite some time and the quality is super good.. We always fall asleep there while watching film, it shared so many happy memories as i  can remember. When my family came from California to visit, they told us that we should buy a new sofa because there was a SMALL tear, a hole on the head side which is hardly noticeable!! My wife didn’t agree ofcourse, as we are saving money to fix a NEW Garage on our house.

 We went for dinner that night at a nearby Pizzeria, and the food were so delicious. My parents enjoyed their meal too, and didn’t noticed that it rained outside while we were eating in the restaurant. We went home and luckily the rain stopped. We sat down and it was wet with rain..

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