Dreaming of a New Dog

My wife and I almost turned completely blue when one day our loving, and sweet 3 year old – Terrier Dog, Rosco, died of a car Accident. We didn’t know how to react when our new neighbors came ringing our Bell which is by the way NOT WORKING, when they informed me that Rosco, is dead and lying on the street. I held my wife as she cries. This is one of the saddest days of our lives. The Car that hit our Dog was very sorry, and he was very supportive towards our need. He called back to check on us and one day we agreed that he came for a visit.

He had a brochures with him and gave us a couple, for adopting a dog nearby Colorado Springs. My wife and I had not yet decided if we want to get a new replacement for Rosco. However, this site help me a lot to cope up with my depression about Rosco. If i miss Rosco, i just click on the site and i can almost see him again!

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