Driveway Appearance And Water Issues Solved

There are a few highlights in my life that I always think of fondly: my marriage, birth of my child, and the day I discovered permeable paving. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but our problems were finally solved when we discovered this new revolutionary fix for our water issues.

The driveway would always have drainage problems every time we had a substantial rain. Needless to say, the constant water pooling was not only a nuisance, but began to take a toll on the integrity of material. We talked to our contractor who suggested this new paving technique, had it installed, and have been happy homeowners ever since. Not only did it solve the drainage problem, but we chose a type of paver installation that allowed the planting of tiny ornamental groundcover to grow between the pavers. It’s resulting appearance is that of an English garden instead of a driveway!


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