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I had arranged for a mover to collect my sofa. Easy 200$ for that! OMG. but thanks to the Water guy, Sean from my favorite Home Improvement team, they save me from being stupid to pay a mover company. Let me tell you, i need to fix also my motorized shade, and finally me and my wife out of no choice has to call them. Because they were friendly when they asked me how everything was, i said not good. I mentioned that i am going to pay $200 for a moving company to bring my sofa to upholsterer company. Water immediately said that it is not necessary, because he knows a company that includes a FREE PICKUP! What a joy.. A $200 i don’t have to wake up for! I called the Movers to cancel, ofcourse at first they ask me BLAH blah blah you reserved and last minute you will cancel.. Blah. In the end they were fine.

Told my wife about it and she made a long, nice review to the team. We had a nice dinner and i arrange an appointment with Sean. Save by the bell.

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  1. Gordon Mitchelle

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