Loose Door Knob Resolved

One day, as my wife and I had entered our house, we noticed that the Door Knob from our front Door is loose. We didn’t know what to do on that day, because it was in the middle of the night, and a Sunday. We are stuck into thinking what if there are bad people that would want to rob our house, and worst came to worst, kill us both. With this thought, i remember that on Commercial in Youtube that are 24 hours Door Knob repair in Colorado Springs. I immediately dialed them on the phone, but to my disappointment, they were closed! What the….

I almost would want to just push my sofa off to my Bed, when in google i entered a Quick Search of 24 hours Home Repairs. Websites are popping but as my wife said, we better do it tomorrow because its too late and she was tired. On a Monday morning, we called in Hi Tech Home Pros since in the Google Maps, they were closer to were we live and got the highest of the ratings. We were also thinking of a digital lock, they offered a good price and we took it. Now we enter the house without any key, and using our smartphones.


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