Reason for our Sofa’s wetness

Needless to say that i again cursed and got angry on why on earth my Sofa was wet, i know that it rained but i closed the windows and my motorized shades manually and properly. I forgot that me and my wife are saving some money, that when we had a broken motorized shades, we didnt call the specialists. We did it by ourselves, with one of the DIY motorized shades in Youtube and private websites. It looked really good so we follow step by step the instructions. Fun day.

To my horror, it didn’t work. I will be honest, i didnt know what i was doing as obviously that was not my profession. Urgghh i should have called the only Pros i know who we called before. Anyway, it wasn’t too late. Now the damages are:

  1. Sofa, needed a new Upholstery
  2. Motorized shade is still broken

Nevertheless.. we will call them soon.

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