Upholstery for my Sofa

Its the same wherever you go, when you go to an upholsterer, you state your problem and say “but i only want this small part of the sofa to be replaced” ANYWAY, you don’t get a choice, because no matter what you do, you know it all has to go away..yes, the whole strip of your favorite sofa bed. Oh how i will miss them. We had a nice memories together. My wife and I promised not to regret the fact that we didn’t call the professional, but it would be a lie if i say i don’t regret it. In the beginning it could have been nicer, more safer and with Guarantee! Could have save me a lot of money, time, effort and my SOFA.. I have to call the house movers asap to move my Sofa to the City.. So far, my wife and i just do our Movie night in our bed. With our Laptop. Netflix or Amazon rules!

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  1. Gordon Mitchelle

    A hole so small can sometimes turn your life around. Be careful.. Don’t let that risk be the reason you need to throw a huge thing.

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